Perfusion solution








Perfusion solution for static storage of donor lungs at optimal temperature. The solution is already supplemented by calcium ions and THAM; therefore, it is always ready for use. This solution can be stored at a temperature of 2–25 °C and used conveniently and safely because of its packaging design.

Perfusion solution is intended for lavage of isolated lungs, their cold static storage and transportation following their removal from a donor and during the preparation for possible transportation to a recipient. A component of a colloid solution, dextran 40, particularly protects microvascular function against postchemical reperfusion injury, first of all, by preventing pathologic interaction between leucocytes and endothelium, as well as protects from development of oedema during the organ storage.

Storage conditions of this Perfusion solution are from 2 up to 25 C (36-77 F). The solution should not be supplemented with calcium ions and THAM, because is pre-supplemented with these additives in order to be ready for its use when it is needed.

Perfusion solution is supplied in 1000 ml or 3000 ml bags.