VNS therapy






VNS therapy is a personalized and multidimensional method for the management of epileptic seizures. The essence of this therapy is a generator, which sends weak signals to the vagus nerve at regular intervals or when necessary, and thereby it prevents seizures.

An additional stimulation dose, if necessary, can suspend or shorten the seizure, reduce its intensity or accelerate patient’s recovery.

Implantation of the VNS therapy system requires a short surgical procedure, which lasts about an hour.

VNS generator operates in three modes:

  • Standard mode is when the therapy is carried out continuously at regular intervals twenty-four hours a day in order to prevent seizures;
  • Autostimulation mode is when on demand stimulation is carried out automatically after detecting an increased heart rate, which mostly occurs during seizures. This can stop or shorten seizures;
  • Magnet mode allows manual activation of an on demand stimulation in order to stop or shorten seizures when they start.