VNS for depression treatment






VNS treatment is a personalised and multidimensional method for the management of depressive episodes. This therapy is carried out by using a generator, which sends weak signals to the vagus nerve at regular intervals or when necessary.

An additional stimulation dose, if necessary, can suspend or shorten depressive episodes or reduce their intensity.

Implantation of the VNS therapy system requires a short surgical procedure, which lasts about an hour.

This device is a long-termed implant. It can be used only in patients with severe depression, for whom standard psychiatric treatment is not effective. Only clinicians experienced in using VNS therapy can prescribe this device and follow its application.

Clinicians must warn patients that VNS therapy is not an antidepressant medication. Patients must be advised in order to understand that results may differ in every individual case. The treatment effect is mostly noticed only within a longer period time. Most patients will have to take antidepressants together with VNS therapy.

This generator also suits for treatment of epilepsy.