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Privacy policy

Pro Medical Baltic UAB, handler of your data, (hereinafter referred to as Pro Medical Baltic UAB or company) construes protection of your personal data with respect, therefore, it takes every measure to ensure your rights in processing your personal data. Data subjects mean users of our production, partners and other persons entrust their personal information, and we are liable that we work daily in order to justify their confidence.

Processing personal data of data subjects we observe the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law of Electronic Communication of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation applied directly regulating protection of personal data as well as directions of competent institutions.

For all issues related to your personal data processing Please contact by e-mail address info@pmbaltic.eu.

What your personal data do we collect?

We collect data belonging to the following categories:

  • Information about consent or dissent for personal data processing for marketing purposes and submission to data processors;
  • Other data about the use of services, for example, data collected by using cookies and similar technologies related to internet browsing, etc.

How do we use your personal data?

Pro Medical Baltic UAB collects and continue processing your personal data only on the bases specified in the legislations regulating protection of personal data with your consent when the company is obligated to process personal data in accordance with appropriate legislation and when it is necessary to process personal data because of lawful interest of the company (only if the interests of a data subject are not more significant). Pro Medical Baltic UAB process personal data in order to learn more about behaviour of site visitors, to analyse tendencies and to improve the site.

Whom do we provide your data?

The access to the data about the visitors of www.pmbaltic.eu is possessed by the employees of Pro Medical Baltic UAB working in the commercial and marketing divisions.

Besides, the access to the data is given to the partners of Pro Medical Baltic UAB who provide tools for internet site content management or site hosting services.

Tool Google Analytics is provided by company Google Inc.; therefore, it also has the access to the data collected by these tools.

How long do we store your data?

We store your personal data up to 2 years. We try not to store old or unnecessary information and to ensure that personal data and other information are constantly updated and correct.


We use cookies or similar technologies in order to be able to analyse tendencies, to administrate the site, to observe user’s habits, actions within the whole site and to collect information about our users.

What are cookies, and why are they used?

The cookie means a small file piece of data, which is saved by an internet site into a web browser of your computer or mobile device when you visit that site. Next time when you visit the site, this file may be read by the site to be able to recognise your computer or mobile device. Cookies do not present any threat to site visitor’s computer.

How do we use cookies?

  • For more accurate calculating of site traffic and behaviour of its visitors on the portal;
  • For improving activities of the site;
  • For knowing whether you have agreed to use cookies in this site.

Cookies-related information is not used in order to identify your identity, and we completely control the data collected about the use of the site. These cookies are not used for any other purpose than the above-described ones.

What cookies are used on this site?

In order to improve functioning of the site and to facilitate its use, web sites use the following cookies:


Designation of a cookie Purpose of use Date of expiry
__utma Separates visitors and

browsing sessions

2 years
__utmz Provides information how

the visitor reaches the site

6 months
_ga The cookie collects information about the behaviour of visitors on the site and is used in order to save statistical information 2 years


The cookie checks whether visitor’s browser supports cookies Up to closing of the site


The cookie, which is set by a traffic plugin Up to closing of the site


The cookie is used to store the language selected by the visitor 1 day


How to manage cookies?

If you wish, you can manage and/or delete cookies. For more information please go to aboutcookies.org. You can delete the cookies, which already are in your computer, and set  most browsers so that cookies are not saved in your device. However, in this case you will probably have to change certain parameters manually every time when you visit this web site, while some services and functions can be inactive.

We use cookies in a transparent and accountable manner. What cookies we save you can always see in your web browser. Similarly, you can at any time cancel your consent of using cookies by making changes in the settings and deleting the cookies saved.

Information on setting of cookies and related changes in the most popular web browsers

Pro Medical Baltic UAB warns that changes in settings are always valid for one web browser only. If a visitor uses several web browsers, he/she must change settings of all web browsers separately. Besides, a visitor can at any time delete cookies from their multimedia memory. Additional information is supplied by using a web browser or operating system.